Plastic Injection Solutions for Molders and Mold Makers
Hot Runner Solutions
Components:  Nozzles, Manifolds, Plates, Temperature Controllers and replacement parts can be provided as individual components that you use in new or retrofitted molds. We have also built a service for retrofitting other manufacturers systems.
Ready to Run Systems:  Complete system ready to be attached to your mold can be designed and manufactured in under 4 weeks.
J-Tech Hot Runner is your full service contact providing you with total hot runner solutions ranging from engineering/design, hot runner specification, complete hot half manufacturing, service, to support and training.

Our Hot Runner nozzles are very suitable for small part applications and can be used as hot sprue bushings or together with our manifolds as multi-drop applications.

We also supply MCS Temperature control systems ranging from 1-240 zones with touch screen monitor.

We were established in 2000, actively developing hot runner systems for difficult applications. Our parts range in weight from 0.02g to over 10kg.

Our specialty is in applications which are difficult to do, or require small spacing between nozzles or limitations in assembly height. We're experienced in multi shot as well as over molding applications. We're also able to service any hot runner system —no matter what the make.

J-Tech Hot Runner systems are used in a wide variety of industries, including: medical, military, automotive, health care, electronic, packaging, toy and cosmetic. We are based in Caledon and serve clients throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada, as well as the United States.

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